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2007 Texas Tamale Warehouse Newsletter

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Hello Tamale Lovers,

The holidays are right around the corner and we are gearing up for our biggest season yet.  We can't believe how fast the year has gone by! 

Sorry it’s been so long since you’ve heard from us.  We were hoping to send out a newsletter earlier, and one again in November, but with orders increasing, this may be the only email newsletter we get out this year.

Lots of changes and improvements have occurred in the last few months.
Here’s a few of them: 
(Click any of the links below to investigate.)

Ø      Our name has changed
We have better packaging
Tamales are vacuum-sealed in heavy plastic bags, which keeps them fresh until you heat and eat them
"Cook-in bags" allow for easy re-heating
Our tamales now have no lard in them, yet they taste better than ever!
The Tamales are bigger
     o        Each tamale is over 2 ounces, with a dozen weighing in at just under 2 pounds
Ø      We have added a new sweet tamale: Cinnamon Raisin Apple 
     o        And of course, there’s still the Harvest-time and Thanksgiving favorite Sweet Mexican Pumpkin
Ø      You can buy 1/2 dozens (six packs)
Ø      New Two-Packs with tear-notch
     o        The perfect size for lunch or a grab-n-go meal any time
Ø      New Black Bean and Monterrey Jack Cheese (Vegetarian) Tamales (Sale:  $9.95/doz for a limited time)
Ø      There’s even an odds and ends category now
     o        Books, and miscellaneous items

Sending multiple orders

Many customers use us to send out holiday and Christmas gifts to friends, family, and employees.  In the next 2-3 weeks, we will have the website set up so that you can log in and send gift orders with the same billing information you’ve entered before.  If you’ve ordered from us previously, and would like to get a password for your account, contact us.

Ordering Deadlines for Holiday Delivery - 2007

Orders with Regular 2-Day Shipping

Orders with Overnight Shipping

For Arrival By:

November 14

November 19

Thanksgiving, November 22

November 27

December 1

Hanukkah, December 5

December 16

December 18

Christmas, December 25

December 25

December 26

New Years Eve, January 1, 2008

Free Tamales!  -- Special Offer for October

For Newsletter Subscribers only…  For each 4 dozen tamales ordered, you receive a free 2-pack of your choice.   Here's the 2 steps to get your free 2-pack:
Order at least 4 dozen tamales
2) Don't put the 2-pack into your order, but during Checkout, in "Gift Message - Line 1", type the flavor of the free 2-pack that you'd like (Pork, Beef, or Chicken). 

And yes, if you order 8 dozen tamales, we'll include two free 2-packs.  Shoot, we'll probably include a free 1/2 dozen if you want.

This offer is good through the end of October.

Have a wonderful Holiday Season!

Thanks, and God Bless You,

- Lee and Sue Harper, Owners
The Texas Tamale Warehouse
Phone:  (817) 825-4113

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